Provides statistics about your C25K program progress - distance, time, average pace, how much of the progrem you completed and more.

Voice Guidance

Guides you through each step of the workout plan. It will tell you when to run, when to walk and in the middle of each step. It is free for one week, if you need it, you can buy this package.


Saves your latest workouts so you can view each workout statistics along with the workout route on the map.

Beautiful and easy to use

The running trainer app was designed to be simple, easy to use yet will provide the necassary inforamtion you will need in order to complete your first 5K run.

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Based on the couch to 5K program

The running trainer app is based on the famous C25K program. You will run 5K within 9 weeks!

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Useful Settings

Both metric and imperial units are supported. You can skip warm up / cool down steps. You can also change setting to keep the screen on in case you would like to see the workout statistics durinig your workout.

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